Primary Education

The area around Akoli village, Tal. Gangakhed, Dist. Parbhani with significantly higher than average incidences of child labour, child marriages, tobacco & alcohol addiction, gambling, and ignorance towards quality education, suffers from a lack of constructive activities for its youth.

Visionaries saw the potential benefits of a quality residential school program by offering CBSE curriculum. To provide a safe haven for the rural poor kids of Akoli village, GNMES has developed a program patterned after the CBSE curriculum that was built to adhere to the First Serve Life Skills Curriculum.
In the five years since its inception, the CBSE school program has gained a positive reputation for providing constructive activities that contribute to reducing illiteracy amongst rural poor kids or any illicit activity, increasing academic performance, and providing life skills to ensure success in school, in the community and in life.